My sto­ry


Tero Ku­pa­ri­nenspent his child­hood in Haa­pa­jär­vi, Fin­land. His fat­her fled from Ka­re­lia af­ter figh­ting and sur­viving th­ree wars and con­ti­nued sin­ging in a male choir for 40 years. Tero also sang a lot as a child. His first in­stru­ments were cla­ri­net and trum­pet fol­lowed by drums as Te­ro´s el­der brot­her was able to teach how to play.

A couple of years la­ter, Tero was deeply impres­sed by a fa­mous Fin­nish trou­ba­dour Mim­mi Mus­ta­kal­lio per­for­ming on TV and deci­ded to beco­me a trou­ba­dour, too. Excep­tio­nal­ly high marks in music at his school re­port only poin­ted to con­ti­nue towards this di­rec­tion. Tero sang in a school band and took a lead role in a fa­mous Chris­tian musical per­for­mance. He soon star­ted to prac­tice how to play the gui­tar, even though it was an old Rus­sian, hea­vy strin­ged in­stru­ment, Ros­tock.

At the age of ni­ne­teen, he had a strong spi­ri­tual ex­pe­rience of rea­li­ty as light,  af­ter which he be­gan ma­king songs and tur­ned away from his pro­mi­sing sports ca­reer.  (Po­le­vault record 490) Soon his music ca­reer be­gan with com­po­sing texts by well-known Fin­nish na­tio­nal poets.  Te­ro´s  first solo al­bum “Sano että ra­kas­tat -Say that you love” inclu­de ly­rics from pro­mi­nent Fin­nish poets such as Eino Lei­no, Sai­ma Har­ma­ja, Aila Me­ri­luo­to,  Mar­ja-Lee­na Mik­ko­la, Aale Tyn­ni, Anna-Mari Kas­ki­nen, Anna-Mai­ja Rait­ti­la.  The record was di­stri­bu­ted by FG-Naxos.

Encou­ra­ged by the good welco­me and ra­dio plays of his first al­bum, Tero star­ted to give  concerts as trou­ba­dour. Soon he rea­lized he had enough own texts for a second al­bum  which was na­med “Olet rak­kain -You are the Be­lo­ved”. Kaj Kar­ja­lai­nen gave his pro­fes­sio­nal  influence and ex­per­te­se to both al­bums. He had pro­duced e.g. Gold records of Vik­tor Kli­men­ko.  Many well-known Fin­nish musicians played on the­se al­bums e.g. Ans­si Ny­kä­nen, Joo­na­tan Rau­tio,  Ju­ha­ni Aal­to­nen.

Years of in­vol­ve­ment with music the­ra­py stu­dies and teac­hing of children with special  needs Tero also re­lea­sed one choir Al­bum with Picco­lo, a children's choir.  All 12 songs fea­tu­re parts of an Eas­ter Mass, writ­ten and com­po­sed by Tero wit­hin th­ree  in­ten­se days, as the local church wan­ted to or­der this musical mass for their special  Church An­ni­ver­sa­ry event. It was a success and Picco­lo choir even­tual­ly recor­ded it with  Tero and the al­bum beca­me known as With You, Si­nun kans­sa­si.


As a fat­her of th­ree daugh­ters Tero na­tu­ral­ly com­po­sed many children's poems by a fa­mous  aut­hor Pia Per­kiö. To­get­her they also star­ted to train ot­her songw­ri­ters.
Aga­pe, The third al­bum was re­lea­sed in 2018. Prior to this Tero also pro­duced his first  th­ree music vi­deos. As be­fo­re, all the me­lo­dies on the al­bum were made by Tero, except  two ly­rics writ­ten by well-known Jori Num­me­lin.

Fin­nish Mis­sion Or­ga­ni­sa­tion, Lä­he­tys­seu­ra publis­hes a year­ly music edi­tion of the most  beau­ti­ful Christ­mas songs, to which Tero’s song “Jou­lun sa­lai­suus- The sec­ret of Christ­mas”  also qua­li­fied. Since then, it has found its way into the re­per­toi­re of many choirs  and has also been recor­ded by fa­mous tan­go-prince Leif Lin­de­man. At Christ­mas 2019,  Tero him­self re­lea­sed this Christ­mas single.

For the past 9 years, Tero has been ma­king music in ad­di­tion to his work as a chaplain.  He most­ly sings on in­ti­ma­te occa­sions at ho­mes and par­ties, only gi­ving few concerts a year, 
most­ly accom­pa­nied by a gui­tar and a pia­no. Du­ring the past th­ree years Tero also has been  hos­ting a month­ly music club for va­rious songw­ri­ters. In Oc­to­ber 2020, Tero will re­lea­se his first pop music singles in English with an in­ter­na­tio­nal team in a dif­fe­rent  sty­le from his pre­vious pro­duc­tion.