My story


Tero Kuparinenspent his childhood in Haapajärvi, Finland. His father fled from Karelia after fighting and surviving three wars and continued singing in a male choir for 40 years. Tero also sang a lot as a child. His first instruments were clarinet and trumpet followed by drums as Tero´s elder brother was able to teach how to play.

A couple of years later, Tero was deeply impressed by a famous Finnish troubadour Mimmi Mustakallio performing on TV and decided to become a troubadour, too. Exceptionally high marks in music at his school report only pointed to continue towards this direction. Tero sang in a school band and took a lead role in a famous Christian musical performance. He soon started to practice how to play the guitar, even though it was an old Russian, heavy stringed instrument, Rostock.


 Tero´s  first solo album “Sano että rakastat -Say that you love” include lyrics from prominent Finnish poets such as Eino Leino, Saima Harmaja, Aila Meriluoto,  Marja-Leena Mikkola, Aale Tynni, Anna-Mari Kaskinen, Anna-Maija Raittila.  The record was distributed by FG-Naxos.


Encouraged by the good welcome and radio plays of his first album, Tero started to give  concerts as troubadour. Soon he realized he had enough own texts for a second album  which was named “Olet rakkain -You are the Beloved”. Kaj Karjalainen gave his professional  influence and expertese to both albums. He had produced e.g. Gold records of Viktor Klimenko.  Many well-known Finnish musicians played on these albums e.g. Anssi Nykänen, Joonatan Rautio,  Juhani Aaltonen.

Years of involvement with music therapy studies and teaching of children with special  needs Tero also released one choir Album with Piccolo, a children's choir.  All 12 songs feature parts of an Easter Mass, written and composed by Tero within three  intense days, as the local church wanted to order this musical mass for their special  Church Anniversary event. It was a success and Piccolo choir eventually recorded it with  Tero and the album became known as With You, Sinun kanssasi.


Agape, The third album was released in 2018. Prior to this Tero also produced his first  three music videos. As before, all the melodies on the album were made by Tero, except  two lyrics written by well-known Jori Nummelin.

Finnish Mission Organisation, Lähetysseura publishes a yearly music edition of the most  beautiful Christmas songs, to which Tero’s song “Joulun salaisuus- The secret of Christmas”  also qualified. Since then, it has found its way into the repertoire of many choirs  and has also been recorded by famous tango-prince Leif Lindeman. At Christmas 2019,  Tero himself released this Christmas single.

During the past three years Tero also has been  hosting a monthly music club for various songwriters. In October 2020, Tero will release his first pop music singles in English with an international team in a different  style from his previous production.